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Our Story

In 2007, we recognized a common problem among customers in public spaces. They were surrounded by televisions, yet unable to hear the audio from those screens. He set out to direct audio content to people who could view a screen, but could not hear the audio.

With the rise of mobile devices and application technology, this solution became possible. The Direct Audio app makes it possible for your customers to hear the audio they want, when they want to hear it. An innovative system of hardware and software connect their mobile devices to the audio from the televisions in your facility.


The Opportunity

We see Direct Audio becoming a world leader immersive entertainment technology. We will transform the user experience of venues everywhere in the world by connecting patrons to location-based audio and interactive campaigns. Businesses that adopt the Direct Audio hardware are our main revenue stream. End users are a second via in-app advertising.


Direct Audio provides an immersive entertainment experience for: 

  • Sports Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Airports, Shopping Malls, Museums
  • Hospital Waiting Areas, Government Offices, Hotel Lobbies
  • Doctors’ and Dentists’ Offices
  • Churches
  • Public Events

End Users

End users are expected predominantly to be male sports fans aged between 21 – 48 in sports bars and gyms that show multiple TV screens at once, with the majority of that content comprising sports activities.

However,  in  places  such  as  airports  where  multiple  TV screens at the various gates across the terminals will tend to screen just one program (typically CNN or other news-style programs), the demographic is the entirety of the traveling public. Who  wouldn’t want  to  hear that program above the general noise and bustle of a hectic public environment?

In a doctor’s quiet waiting room, any patient could tune into the silent television.

In short, the variety of facilities where this technology can be applied, for the benefit of their patrons, is immense. A broad sector of the general population could be willing end users of Direct Audio’s technology.



How it works 

Once a facility has had the company’s hardware installed, the app identifies all the TV channels in the room that are connected to the system. The user is then able to select the program of their choice. With the app downloaded, a smartphone becomes a personal speaker system for the user. Businesses offering Direct Audio also have the option to send information promoting their products and services via app notifications.

We have plans to monetization and provides  revenue streams we can share with businesses and offers them a strong incentive to purchase the system.

There is an extra benefit. In-app marketing allows businesses to better connect with their customers and increase awareness of their brand. Options include surveys that help them learn more about their customers’ needs or special offers that immediately increase sales. Again, this is a great incentive for them to purchase the system.




Our future with you

Thanks to our groundbreaking innovation, we can now work with your business to increase your bottom line. We can help you raise your customer base and implement new revenue streams. Your customers will be thrilled with the improved experience of patronizing your establishment. It’s a win, win situation and easy investment decision.


Contact us for more information on how to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity.