WHY Direct Audio

With the tap of our app, we provide participating venues the opportunity to offer their visitors a personalized audio experience, to hear any muted television in sight. You may recall a time when you were at the airport, in a restau rant/sports bar, or a hospital waiting room and wanted to hear the TV, but could not. Direct Audio has the solution to this dilemma. We connect the Direct Audio hardware to the venues’ existing audio/visual equipment, and then our app delivers the sound to visitors over wi-fi for private listening through our ear bud or bluetooth speaker.

• Best in class quality

• Zero lag time

• Affordable

• Easy installation

• 4, 6, 8, 10 and 20 channels of audio

• Exceptional audio quality with low latency

• Automatic software upgrades

• On-call technical support


• High performance

• Preconfigured for DirectAudio


• TV Signs

• Table Tents

• Banners (6ft)

• Coasters

• High reliability

• Easy installation

• Intuitive smart application